MediaU: Mobile Video Production Series Summer 2017

Starts: June 10 @ 2:00PM     Ends: June 24 @ 4:00PM

Learn how to use TV Santa Barbara's mobile device technologies and media activist kits, or your own mobile device, to capture your media, tell your story, and have an impact on your community.

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Mobile Video Production Full Series: Each class $25

Mobile 101: Switcher Studio

Explore our iPad based switcher system that can easily be set-up and operated in the field for a multi-camera field production that can be streamed live on YouTube or Facebook or recorded. You can even capture each iPad camera individually to use Final Cut Pro X to fine tune and adjust your field production. (Required for Switcher Studio Certification)

Mobile 102: Media Activist Kit - Capturing Video

Do you want to tell more stories about your community? Want an easy way to capture video and edit? Learn how to use the mobile technology of our media activist kits to shoot and record video in the field with an iPad and share your media off of your device. The same principles can be used with any mobile device. (Required for Media Activist Kit Certification)

Mobile 103: Media Activist Kit - Editing with iMovie

Once you have captured your video and audio using a mobile media activist kit, learn how to put it all together and export your media with iMovie. (Required for Media Activist Kit Certification)

Event Location

TV Santa Barbara Media Access Center
329 S Salinas St
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

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